Would you like fries with that?

This week, Burger King introduced “Satisfries,” low fat french-fries with 30% less calories, but the same “big taste,” as regular french-fries. They are designed to satisfy your craving for french-fries, and be as equally satiating, but healthier given their reduced fat and caloric content. Experts say it will be a game changer in the fast-food industry.

“But they are fried in the same oil, with the same ingredients as the regular french-fries!” I exclaim enthusiastically to my client.

She laughs quietly to herself, shakes her head, before replying, “ That just doesn’t make any sense.”

So I’m not the only one that just doesn’t get it. A sigh of relief. My client and I are going to get along, I can feel it.


We are concluding our initial client meeting at a table in the corner of McDonalds on Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa, Florida. To the kid that grew up in South Tampa, this isn’t, historically speaking, the best part of town. It’s also the first time I have been inside a McDonald’s in years. And, it’s the last place in the world I expected to be interviewing a new client. But, the Diet Coke is great,  the refills are unlimited, and, truth be known, none of that matters because despite the fact that I am the only person in a suit and tie within a five-mile radius, I am smiling.

I am smiling because I am interviewing my second official Aronfeld Tampa Client for the day, and I like her. Not only do I like her, but I believe in her and I believe in her case. As she relays to me the facts and circumstances surrounding the events that befell her on that fateful day, I am growing impassioned for what happened to her. I feel sorry for her. But it’s not the kind of remorse that drives one into a deeper desolation. Rather, it’s the type that drives one to action. That makes me want to go home, jump on a computer, and get to work!


As a young lawyer, I am reminded that this is why I love Personal Injury Law. This is why I get out of the bed in the morning, suit up, and literally – go to battle. Indeed there is a war that rages on out there. Its us against them; the little people against the corporate giants. And if we, the lawyers, and me, the young lawyer, does not go to battle for the little people, for the clients sitting in the corner of McDonalds on a Thursday afternoon, who will?

There are so many places left to go with the story. I could venture into the sacred territory of Personal Injury law and drift off into soliloquy about the 2011 documentary Hot Coffee – certainly that would be ironically appropriate. I could tell you about my first Aronfeld Tampa client meeting at the Starbucks up the block where I sweat through three layers of clothing in order to preserve client confidentiality (to other young lawyers out there – Starbucks is NOT a private place, by the by). Or I could talk about the group of old gentleman who actually hang out in this particular McDonald’s as if it were a barbershop. I mean, the Diet Coke is pretty good. But instead I will end where most good stories end.


The young lawyer is driving home now. Windows down and tie loose, he’s talking to himself about the arguments that will work and the arguments that won’t. He’s angry, but then he’s excited, and he is fervent. The hot Tampa summer air fills the delicate spaces of his truck with a warmth unlike Miami. He finds an argument that works. He sees the Tampa skyline in the distance and he laughs. He thinks about the path he has chosen and the long road ahead. But today, he isn’t scared or anxious. Today he is satisfied. As he exits I-275, a Burger King greets him on the left. Maybe next time.


2 thoughts on “Would you like fries with that?

  1. So good to have you back home. While I am here soaking wet from pressure washing and you are there sweating….iy is only the beginning for you. Am proud of the heart you have and the passion to help people. God’s blessings fall upon every step you take. Love, Aunt Mona

  2. While I’ve always liked McDonald Fries, I’d hardly consider myself a big fan. The problem with McD’s food, especially the beef is that I know there’s additives in them that turn my digestive system into a disaster every time I eat that stuff… I never have the problem eating BK…. McD’s like any other fast food is a last-resort when my blood sugar is dropping fast and I need something, anything, in my system before I faint. IMHO.

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