It’s 6:30 in the evening and I am quickly making my way over the MacArthur causeway on my Deco Bike. The Miami skyline glows in the distance. Across the water, I see the giant billboard advertising for cruises. “It’s so Miami.” In this moment, I am dumbfounded at how beautiful it all is. Then it hits me – the thought, I cannot believe I am leaving. It all seems like a dream – none of this seems real. I take a moment on the side of the road to take it all in. I am going to miss this place.


Three hours later, I am drowning in a sea of cardboard and packing tape. What didn’t seem real before is overwhelmingly existential now. Talk about mixed emotions! I have never been so torn; sad to leave but overwhelmingly excited to arrive. Arrive in the place I know as “home.” As I slide the tape across the last box, thoughts dance on the precipice of my mind like scenes from the Nutcracker. What is it that is calling me back home? What waits for me there? Ethereal deliberations soon fade and once again, reality kicks in. I look around to face more concrete questions. How will the practice of law change for me once I have left Miami – once I am on my own? And more importantly, will I succeed?

Undoubtedly, since making the decision to move to Tampa, the Young Lawyer in me has been torn between feelings of excitement about new beginnings and fears of failure. Indeed the fear of failure has followed me my entire life and driven me now more than ever as a young lawyer: the fear of not failing my clients; the fear of not letting my mentor Spencer Aronfeld down as I venture off into new country to open our Tampa Office; and the fear of disappointing my family by moving to Tampa and not accomplishing all that I set out to accomplish. One more box and one more fear. “I hope this all fits in the trailer.”



It’s 6:30 in the evening and I am slowly making my way down Bayshore Boulevard. The Tampa skyline glows in the distance. Across the bay, I see the same skyline I have known since infancy, alive with hope. Now, in this moment, I am left speechless at how surreal it all is. Once again, it hits me – the thought that I have left and this, this is it. This is home. I take a moment to breathe in and taste the salt in the air as I take it all in. I give thanks to God because I am home. I am home and I am going to love this place.

DGL 2013


One thought on “Home

  1. And we love you being home. You will succeed. Why? Because God is your designer and your family a nuture of support. We love you much

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