To Be or Not To Be, Part 2

In my entry two weeks ago, I contemplated a question central to my existence. As a young lawyer, was I born to be a personal injury attorney? The world needs us. Nevertheless, does that same world need Domenick Giovanni Lazzara, the young lawyer, the portrait of a secret artist at heart. This week I confronted this question head on, like Hercules facing the Minotaur in the center of Minos’ maze. When the ashes had settled, I stood in the midst of it all, victorious. In one beautiful moment it came to me and in that twinkling of an eye I felt infinite.


The doubts I faced faded in that instant because I knew. This is what I was born to do. I have found my purpose. I am following my destiny. I was born to be a Personal Injury Lawyer. To help people and to care deeply about that cause. To dare to fight the stereotypes in order to make this a better, safer, and cleaner world. To represent my clients in their most trying of times until the very end.

Personal Injury Law is a profession laden with polar opposites. On one end of the spectrum are the “ambulance chasers” and pain clinics; the exorbitant doctor’s bills and attorney’s fees; the “hurt” and the injured. It’s a business as much as it is a trade. Unfortunately, oftentimes it is this plebeian side of Personal Injury Law that society focuses on. It is, however, the side of Personal Injury Law we at Aronfeld Trial Lawyers avoid at all costs.


At the other end of the continuum is a trade claiming business and financial gain only as the means necessary to an end. That end, that CONCLUSION, has one purpose and one purpose only driving it – helping people. What I tell clients all the time is this. Accidents happen, injuries occur, it is a part of life. But it is a detour that you do not have to go through alone – a detour navigated best with the help of counselors that care. Counselors like my fearless leader and mentor, Spencer Aronfeld who I’ve seen literally break down in tears in front of clients as they poured out their hearts to us. Being able to guide people through these most trying of times, to make them whole again, has been and will remain to be the most satisfying part of the life of a young lawyer.


To be or not to be a Personal Injury Lawyer was the question I had to confront now, at the infancy of my legal career. As my closest friends and family pointed out – the central question is what will bring glory to God. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” My purpose is to help people and ultimately, make this world a better place for us all. And my heart, my heart remains to be with Aronfeld Trial Lawyers and Personal Injury Law.

That being said, I am proud and excited to announce that I was given the opportunity to stay true to that purpose and follow my heart. I will be moving to Tampa not just to be with my family, but also to open the Tampa office of Aronfeld Trial Lawyers. It is my contention that the road ahead will be long and at times, a challenge greater than I could have ever imagined. However, there is not a doubt in my mind that every obstacle I face can and will be overcome with hard work, perseverance, and above all, faith.


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