Live from Key West

Live from Key West – its Portrait of the Young Lawyer on Vacation.

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This week I take a break from my usual tales to report to you all from sunny Key West, Florida. As a young lawyer, this is my first official vacation since graduating law school, passing the bar exam, and beginning my career. It has been a huge relief to be able to let go, unplug, and unwind. Today is the first day in two days I actually looked at a computer screen –  a fact I have only just now realized with a smile.


Earlier this week when I was discussing this trip with my mentor, he suggested I extend the length and take an extra day. I am happy I heeded his advice and arrived a day earlier. As a young lawyer, I am learning just how important it is to be able to get away. Even when you love what you do, it is imperative to be able to step away, walk outside the circle, and look back in – as an outsider looking in. In doing so, you not only give your mind a much needed rest, but are able to see things in a whole new perspective. Like studying a map as opposed to discovering the path on foot.


Even in Key West, on vacation, far away from emails, phone calls, and appointments, it still feels great to be able to fill these pages with a short blurb of reflection. My reflection for the week is this. It is essential to do all that you do with passion, at 100mph, and focused. But just important is making the time to stop and smell the roses. Today, those roses smell like Key Lime pie and salt water.

-DGL 2013


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