Mama’s Boy

I’ll say it – I am a mama’s boy. The Urban Dictionary defines a “momma’s boy” as either: (1) A grown male still dependent on his mother; or (2) a grown male who allows or desires his mother to control most aspects or decisions of his life for him. For example, I thought I loved him until I realized he was a momma’s boy who can’t do anything without his mother’s permission or approval. Not entirely accurate, but not far off either.


My mother, or as I call her, my mama, is the epitome of the Italian mother. 5’4”, big brown eyes, a phenomenal cook, and the most loving woman you will ever meet. No doubt there were angles singing March 30, 1954 when Audrey Disocio Lazzara was born in Tampa, Florida, a full 30 years before I would be born.  Still in Tampa, there is not a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think of and miss her very much. I would not be a a young man, a young lawyer, or anything for that matter, were it not for my mama.

IMG_0104 DSCN0012 DSCN0020 IMG_0781

My mama and I talk to each other at least once a day, six to seven times a week. The first thing I do when I leave the office, get in my car and begin the drive from Coral Gables to South Beach is pick up my phone and dial “Mama.” For the next thirty minutes, I tell her all about my day, and she tells me all about hers. We laugh, we grow frustrated at the day’s events, we smile, rarely will we argue, and sometimes, we will cry. My mama is not just my mama; she is my best friend. As a young lawyer, having a relationship such as this is invaluable. She has guided and stood by every tough decision I have had to make. She has been there through each success and failure with love, an open heart, and a big plate of lasagna.

Going back to the definition we started this story with; okay, I may not be a complete momma’s boy. Lucky for me, my mama approved of and encouraged my ultimate decision to study the law and become a lawyer. That being said, had she not, I probably would not have pursued this career – her approval means the world to me. At the same time, I am also not entirely as dependent on my mama as I once was. Part of growing up, and in fact becoming a young lawyer, is learning to respectfully disagree with her at times. It involves knowing that on some occasions the decision I know or feel is the right decision, is not necessarily a decision she will agree with. But it is a decision I must none-the-less make. What makes my mama so great is that even with decisions such as these, while she may not agree with it, she still supports me. She supports me as a young lawyer, believes in my cause, and loves me no matter what.


And today, mama, as you read this I want you to know just how much I love you; how I would be nothing without you; how incredibly grateful I am for everything you have done and sacrificed for me to be here; and that as a young lawyer there is nothing more important in this life than you.


4 thoughts on “Mama’s Boy

  1. Dom, great job !! A wonderful tribute to a mother. You are doing an amazing job. May God and the angels he has appointed to protect you be felt in a divine matter. You are loved.

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